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company news about The Development Of Cubic Boron Nitride Blades Promotes The Application Of High Hardness Materials

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Company News
The Development Of Cubic Boron Nitride Blades Promotes The Application Of High Hardness Materials
Latest company news about The Development Of Cubic Boron Nitride Blades Promotes The Application Of High Hardness Materials

Due to the development of tools and the development of modern machinery manufacturing, more and more high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials appear in the processing workshop, but whether the development of tools can make high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials reach a new level has become a crucial factor. . In the machining process, there are cutting methods such as turning, milling, boring, and drilling, but the common one is turning. Typical high hardness materials such as rolls and pumps are often processed by turning.

High-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials are brittle and hard materials, which are difficult to machine, and have strict requirements on surface quality, as well as strict performance requirements for machine tools and cutting tools. Therefore, when processing high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, excellent turning tools and better-performance machine tools are required.

There are many problems encountered in the actual processing of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, such as hardness, machining allowance, machine rigidity, tool performance, etc. The tool material is also the most important. High-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials have high hardness and are difficult to machine. If the tool material is selected incorrectly, no matter how rigid the machine tool is, high-quality products cannot be processed. Specific analysis of specific issues is required.

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The tool materials range from the earliest developed high-speed steel tools, to later cemented carbide tools, coated cemented carbide tools, ceramic tools, to cubic boron nitride blades that are widely used in the field of high hardness and difficult-to-machine materials.
Unlike common materials, high-hardness materials are difficult to process and have different processing properties. Due to the high hardness materials, some problems often occur in turning processing, such as severe work hardening during processing of high manganese steel, serious casting defects during rough turning of cast iron rolls, and many other factors that affect the selection of processing methods and tools. Careful analysis is required before processing, and planning is required from the selection of machine tools to the cutting process.

The size and shape of high hardness materials are different, and the processing positions are different, resulting in different machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools and cutting parameters. In terms of production efficiency, the tool is a key factor. At present, the tool commonly used for cutting high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials is a cubic boron nitride blade, which is a machine-clamped indexable tool with a hardness of about HRC 98.5 and can withstand high temperatures of 1400 ℃. Dry cutting reduces environmental pollution.

When using cubic boron nitride blades to process high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, the roughing and finishing processes must be processed according to different parameters. The indexable cubic boron nitride blades have high processing efficiency and are currently the first choice for rough machining with high hardness. Ling super-hard non-metallic adhesive legislation boron nitride blade BN-K1 grade high hardness cast iron roll for rough turning, the effect is several times that of ceramic cutter.

Just as the parameters of roughing and finishing processes are different, for indexable cubic boron nitride inserts, machining allowance and shape are the first factors considered by cutting tools. When rough machining, the margin is large. Choose the integral cubic boron nitride blade, and the finishing margin is small. Choose the appropriate legislative boron nitride blade according to the roughness and size requirements. However, when machining high-hardness materials, it is often rough and fine. Machining a knife reduces the tool change time and improves machining efficiency.

With the emergence of monolithic cubic boron nitride blades, the manufacturing industry has gradually increased the output of high-hardness and difficult-to-process materials, which are widely used in major machinery industries, such as mining machinery, metallurgy, and heavy industry machinery. The development of cutting tools has increased the application space of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials.


Further reading; New Asia Rich provides the following tool products and solutions for difficult-to-process materials and high-efficiency processing:
1. Processing of high-hardness cast iron/cast steel, such as: high-hardness alloy cast iron such as high-chromium cast iron, white cast iron, nickel-hard cast iron, high-manganese steel and other heat-resistant and wear-resistant steel roughing and finishing [can pull rough Casting blanks with sand and pores in the car]
2. Processing of high-hardness workpieces after heat treatment, such as: hardened bearing steel, carburized steel, nitride steel, tool steel, die steel, hard cutting after hot, intermittent cutting [blade has excellent toughness and wear resistance; single The ap can reach 7.5mm, and it can process high hardness steel parts between HRC45-HRC79]
3. Other difficult-to-cut materials: high-temperature alloys, powder metallurgy, refractory alloys and tungsten carbide, processing of nickel-based, cobalt-based alloys, and hard surface processing of thermal spray welding parts [can be customized, non-standard, drawings and samples Processing】
4. High-speed cutting of ordinary grey cast iron and pearlitic ductile iron [tool life is 10-20 times that of alloy tool life]

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